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About Samuels & Associates

More than just Property Developers

Samuels & Associates forges meaningful partnerships with neighborhoods and clients. These relationships foster a sense of transparency that helps us create authentic, innovative and sustainable places to live, work and play.

After 20 years of developing, leasing and managing real estate, Samuels & Associates continues to chart new waters with remarkable projects in urban and suburban communities. The company is committed to building long-lasting relationships with its partners, neighbors and local communities from suburban shopping centers like Blue Back Square in West Hartford to mixed-use urban projects like Van Ness and Continuum in Boston.

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Retail Leasing

From shopping and dining to entertainment, luxury living and prime office space, Hingham Shipyard’s dynamic mix of audiences maximizes your business potential. Placemaking comes to life here, with thoughtful design that brings people out and brings them together for a waterfront experience unlike any other in New England. Be part of this greater Boston destination that’s unlike any other, and see for yourself what an impact “mixed use” can make.


Office Leasing

Enjoy first-class amenities in a space that’s anchored in history at The Offices at Hingham Shipyard. Today’s work happens everywhere—not only behind a desk. The right environment can stoke the next big idea, and location means more than just transit accessibility (though The Offices are incredibly easy to reach). It’s even more than unparalleled ocean views (but people can’t say enough about those views).

It’s about being part of something bigger. Offer your team a range of amenities: restaurants perfect for a lunch meeting or after-hours drinks; a health club where they can fit in a mind-clearing workout; a grocery store and specialty retail where they can pick up the essentials before heading home; even a movie theater. The marina is the perfect backdrop for informal meetings or solo brainstorming.

You chart your own course every day—your space should reflect that.




Rachel ottley - Property manager

  • For general questions and event inquires

  • (617) 603-5470


ScotT Baresel - service manager

  • For current tenant direct service requests. *Call for information about Summer Movie & Music Series.


Sabrina Sandberg - vp of Marketing & Merchandising

  • For retail leasing inquiries

  • (617) 603-5429



Molly Kalan - PR Manager

  • For media inquiries

  • (617) 603-5458


Gabrielle Balestrier - Marketing Manager

  • For marketing inquiries

  • (617) 603-5443


Lori Mcweeney - blackline retail group

  • For retail leasing inquiries

  • (617) 733-6531


Tom Kent - Jones lang lasalle

  • For office leasing inquiries

  • (617) 531-4224